2021 in Review, by Leading Aston Martin Specialist Nicholas Mee & Company

2021 in Review, by Leading Aston Martin Specialist Nicholas Mee & Company

The UK’s leading Aston Martin specialist, Nicholas Mee & Company, has released its latest Talking Heads review of 2021. This informal, free-ranging discussion takes in the health of the collector car market, the hidden gems of recent Aston Martin history and the trends expected in 2022 and beyond.

For this year’s review, company founder and Managing Director, Nicholas Mee, and Commercial Director, Neal Garrard, are joined by James Knight, Collectors Cars consultant and former Head of Motoring at Bonhams auctioneers and Charles Clegg, podcaster extraordinaire, co-founder and CEO of collector car app Custodian.

TALKING HEADS 2021: A video round-up, discussing the year’s hot topics in our world of Aston Martin

A selection of topics discussed and lively debated include;

The Market in 2021

Neal recalls the first quarter of the year – a period of strict social distancing – buoyed by the sales of newer Gaydon-built Aston Martins (from 2004 onwards); those that often don’t require multiple in-person viewings or test drives, due to their age and condition. As restrictions gradually lifted later in the year saw more traditional Newport Pagnell cars sold. 

The Next Big Thing

As values of ‘80s and ‘90s cars continue to accelerate, the panel discusses which of Aston Martin’s extensive catalogue from this era has the right ingredients to become as collectible as competitor cars like the Ferrari F40 or Porsche 959. For Nick, who was a key member of Aston Martin’s management team in the ‘80s and into the early ‘90s, the V8 Vantage Zagato is hugely compelling; both powerful and rare, with only 50 built. For Charles Clegg, that period is all about the supercharged cars, with the eight short-chassis supercharged V8 Volantes sitting at the top of the tree.

What Makes an Investor-Grade Car?

The traditional formula of rarity, quality and provenance is often a good indicator for the very best collector car investments, but in a market driven by passion, it doesn’t always apply. Just as ‘bedroom poster’ cars have soared in popularity and value in recent years, the group muses on whether Instagram may create the new poster cars of next generation of buyers. Regardless, there’s agreement that passion and personal interest should always be the driving force; ‘investment’ comes later.

The Impact of Brexit

Nearly a year on from the UK leaving the European Union, it’s become clearer how increased paperwork, taxes and duties have affected the Aston market. Nick has seen overseas business, once 20% of the company’s total, reduced considerably. There’s optimism though, that business from abroad will return in 2022 as the pandemic fades from view.

Nicholas Mee & Company founder, Nicholas Mee said:

The collector car market is large, complex and rapidly evolving so much, that it’s often very difficult to navigate it without the expertise of trusted personalities within the industry. With this review of the year, we hope to bring a little of our knowledge – and that of our expert guests – into your home, drawing on collective experiences in the collector car market over the last 12 months, and in the world of Aston Martin specifically. Grab a glass of something nice, tune in and enjoy an hour of car escapism!

Nicholas Mee & Compan Talking Heads review of 2021
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