British Motor Heritage underpins a period of significant reorganisation with a pair of new websites

Much has changed at British Motor Heritage (BMH) since Graham Payne assumed the role of Managing Director less than a year ago. Manufacture of the company’s core products has been meticulously reorganised and a number of new product lines introduced. Moreover, there has been a radical change to the company’sContinue Reading

Brand new Katana fuel tanks now in stock on Suzuki Vintage Parts Programme - 1981 GSX 1100s Katana

Brand new, genuine Katana fuel tanks are now in stock and available on Suzuki’s Vintage Parts Programme, after the Japanese firm remanufactured a limited run. With an RRP of £746.76 including VAT, the brand new fuel tanks fit GSX1100SD and GSX1000SZ Katanas and are finished in the glorious silver andContinue Reading

Hagerty survey reveals confusion over E10 fuel as Government’s car compatibility checker misleads drivers

Hagerty research suggests half of Britain’s drivers don’t know how to check whether their car is compatible with E10 fuel – despite more than three quarters of them being worried that the new unleaded petrol could harm their car or motorcycle. Adding to these concerns, a Government tool designed to helpContinue Reading