Alfa Romeo presents the ‘Alfa Romeo Classiche’ heritage programme

The ‘Alfa Romeo Classiche’ heritage programme, a range of services with the aim of protecting and promoting the history of the iconic Italian brand, will launch at the 39th edition of ‘Auto e Moto d’Epoca’, Italy. The programme will offer owners a Certificate of Origin, which has been offered for Alfa Romeo cars since 2016, a Certificate of Authenticity and Restoration services.

Certificate of Authenticity

Alfa Romeo, with the support of the Heritage department, certifies the authenticity of a classic car by analysing it in detail and verifying its production data and technical specifications at the company archives. To obtain this certification each car goes through a rigorous inspection and evaluation process which is carried out by the specialised team, verifying the authenticity of the car, its components and the functioning of the main mechanical parts. The vehicle can be examined at the Officine Classiche in Mirafiori, Turin, or at the customer’s home if requested.

The Top management of the brand personally participates in the committee that evaluates historic cars and issues the certification.  The committee is chaired by Alfa Romeo CEO, Jean Philippe Imparato, and the Head of Heritage department, with the support of the team at the Alfa Romeo Museum which holds the production registers and all the technical documentation used by the committee to analyse the information on the examined cars.

Certificate of Origin

Alfa Romeo offers the opportunity to discover the history of each car through its chassis number. The service provides a review against the brand’s production registers and the issue of a certificate certifying the car’s year of production and original configuration: model specifications, engine serial number, original exterior and interior details.

Restoration Service

The same team that takes care of the historical collection is available to private clients, with services ranging from simple maintenance to complete nuts and bolts restorations.  The expert team can support with everything from diagnosis to exterior restoration, repair of individual mechanical and aesthetic components, and final testing.

Jean Philippe Imparato, Alfa Romeo CEO: “Alfa Romeo is going through a key phase in its history. The historical period we are going through is a genuine evolution. The brand’s future includes very ambitious goals aimed at redefining the concept of sportiness in the 21st century, while remaining faithful to its DNA. While planning for the future, our heritage is always our main source of inspiration. For us, the Alfa Romeo Classiche heritage programme aims to enhance our historic automotive heritage by certifying the authenticity of vintage Alfa Romeos and giving new life to marvellous examples that still captivate and excite car enthusiasts around the world.”

A dedicated area to owners of timeless icons on the official Alfa Romeo website

The brand will introduce an area dedicated to the new ‘Alfa Romeo Classiche’ heritage programme on its website that will allow owners of historic cars to find information on the services offered. Owners will be able to find all the information and support necessary to start their dedicated and personalised programme directly from the brand’s website.

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