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In addition to the original specification mirror and wiper products it manufactures for the classic car fraternity, British Motor Heritage (BMH) Group company Tex Automotive is also a major stockist of the renowned range of EBC brake parts, including some otherwise now hard to find drums and shoes.

Said BMH/Tex Managing Director Graham Payne: “Despite EBC making ‘the largest range of brake pads and discs in the world’, it seems a lot of classic car owners are still unaware of the quality of the company’s parts, or the extent of the line-up that covers all manner of models from Aston Martin DB7s to Wolseley Hornets – even such relatively obscure classics as the Bond Bug and Turner GT are catered for.”

EBC Brake Drum
EBC Brake Shoes
Greenstuff Brake Pads
EBC Vented, Grooved Brake Discs

Though a popular choice in the ever-expanding arena of classic motorsport, the same to some extent applies to EBCs superb inventory of brake pads, which can greatly enhance the stopping ability of no end of road-going collectors’ cars, leading to a safer more enjoyable driving experience for the owners concerned. The pads are handily divided into three groups as follows:

Greenstuff – specifically designed for road use, they are environmentally friendly and offer improved baking performance and reduced levels of brake dust.

Yellowstuff – fitted as standard to the majority of Britain’s high-speed police cars, they are the perfect choice for fast road driving as well as occasional competition use.

Bluestuff – a true competition pad, they are the choice of countless club racers yet, unlike most motorsport oriented pads, are technically approved for road use too, thanks to their ability to function well even from stone cold.

Redstuff – EBC’s flagship pad range for prestige vehicles of over 200bhp.

The full inventory of EBC replacement brake parts available through Tex Automotive can be found at, along with those for the company’s comprehensive stocks of mirrors, wipers, fuel additives, lubricants, silicone coolant hoses, fuel caps, car care products and sundry lifestyle items.

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