First official review of Huber ERA by Rory Reid & AutoTrader UK

First official review of Huber ERA by Rory Reid and AutoTrader UK

Huber, the coach builder whose Aventador facelift was unveiled by Fabio Lamborghini and named ‘Era’ as a tribute to mark ten years of the Aventador have now handed the keys of their first production unit 001 over to none other than Television Presenter Rory Reid of AutoTrader UK to review on the Historic Proving grounds of Millbrook in Bedfordshire.

This was the car that was unveiled during a spectacular ceremony on the lawn of the former residence of David and Victoria Beckham, Rowneybury House in England’s  prestigious Hertfordshire.

Driving The MADDEST Lamborghini Ever | Aventador Huber ERA 001

In Rory Reid’s passionate review we understand the mission of Huber, which is to have a relationship with each and every car. The Era 001 was sold to none other than Ciro Ciampi the Membership Secretary to the Lamborghini Club UK and founder of the Car Club Petrolheadonism and one of Europe’s largest Car gatherings Petrolheadonism Live.

Founder Sean-Peter Huber is on a mission to build a meaningful community of collectors and car enthusiasts who value going back to the drawing board, replacing entire body panels to accentuate and compliment the DNA of the cars we love.

The first steps of this brand are already telling of what an  exciting  future lies ahead for this community and how their designs might transcend into the electrical age. We are beginning to hear speculations of a redesign for the Lamborghini Urus and even an electric car in later stages. We have much to expect from this dynamic coach builder.

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Photo Credits: Josh Scoot

Video Credits: Rory Reid and AutoTrader UK

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