Further good news for Triumph TR owners from British Motor Heritage

Additions to British Motor Heritage’s (BMH) range of replacement parts for Triumph TR models have been coming thick and fast of late, and here are details of three more.

Boot floor panels
Boot Floor Panel – Left Side
Boot Floor Panel – Right Side

One hundred percent British-made in the correct grade of steel, they are supplied in an E-coat painted finish that’s far superior to any other in the marketplace.

  1. 850470 Left-hand side  –  £125.00 plus VAT
  2. 850471 Right-hand side – £125.00 plus VAT
Heavy duty battery bar
Heavy Duty Battery Bar

Notably more substantial than the standard item and complete with fixing holes 12.75 inches apart, the product is suitable for all Triumph TR models from TR2 to TR6.

Made in Warwickshire and e-coated in Northamptonshire, Part No.157740 is priced at £8.50 plus VAT.

Upper tonneau sides
Upper Tonneau Sides

In simple language these are the left and right extensions of the rear deck that fit between the boot lid and rear wing and are designed to fit Triumph models TR4/4A/250/5.

These quality parts are tooled and pressed in Warwickshire, trimmed in Coventry, e-coated in Northamptonshire and priced at £165.00 plus VAT.

  1. 850007 Lefthand side  –  £165.00 plus VAT
  2. 850008 Righthand side – £165.00 plus VAT

All the above products are in stock and available immediately from Triumph specialists nationwide. Details of other replacement parts for classic Triumph models can be found at www.bmh-ltd.com

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