Hagerty launches UK Enthusiast Carbon Offset programme

Hagerty, an automotive lifestyle brand and a leading specialist insurance provider, today officially launched its ECO initiative in the UK, a voluntary Enthusiast Carbon Offset programme created to help motorists reduce the carbon footprint of their vehicles in an easy, convenient, and transparent way.

ECO is the first step in a holistic Hagerty Impact strategy that will educate and empower enthusiasts to drive positive change across a range of social and environmental activities. In the US, Hagerty will offset all emissions from its classic fleet and driving events, in 2022, this included the California Mille and Greenwich Concours Driving Tour. RADwood, Festival of the Unexceptional and Hagerty Hillclimb events in the UK will eliminate the use and sale of single-use plastics throughout 2023.

ECO allows drivers to discover their CO2 emissions by entering their vehicle type and the expected mileage they want to offset into a digital emissions calculator powered by Chrome Carbon, a reforestation programme and industry leading carbon reduction initiative for automotive enthusiasts.

Hagerty ECO can be purchased independently by any classic vehicle owner

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The calculator helps owners recognise their vehicle’s impact and allows them to offset multiple times its CO2 emissions by planting trees locally. Chrome Carbon partners with certified climate bodies and organisations to fund highly ranked reforestation and carbon reduction projects with real and measurable gains.  

Planting trees is one of the most impactful and affordable ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and restoring natural habitat, according to scientists. Chrome Carbon partners with organisations working closely with national forest agencies, local forest experts and farmers, making sure that the right trees are planted and looked after in the most relevant locations.

Drivers do not need to be a Hagerty customer to take part in Hagerty’s ECO programme, as the initiative is available to all vehicle owners interested in offsetting the carbon emissions associated with driving their vehicle.

Hagerty International Managing Director Mark Roper said, “Hagerty is committed to helping drivers reduce the carbon footprint of their vehicles in a simple and affordable way. The Hagerty ECO initiative is completely voluntary and can be purchased separately from any Hagerty product and while we believe this scheme offers the best solution on the market, we fully respect that some owners may not want to partake in such an initiative just yet.”

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