Iceni Minors

Iceni Minors

The Norfolk and Suffolk (Iceni) Branch of the Morris Minor Owners Club was formed back in 1980 and has the nickname of “The Iceni Club”. This was apparently named after the Iceni tribe, who roamed across Norfolk and Suffolk a lot of years ago.

We are one of the oldest Branches within the Morris Minor Owners Club and in 2015 celebrated our 35th Anniversary. To celebrate this milestone we had a party within one of our meetings and had a cake specially made with a photo on it. We also had a run entitled “The Boudicca Run” in the September to commemorate the anniversary.

Our meetings are held at Scole Community Centre, Scole near Diss on the Norfolk/Suffolk border in February, March, October and November. We hold a New Year lunch in January and then during the summer months we have at least one event per month to attend with our cars.

This involves us having a tent and lots of tea and biscuits on hand! So we are prepared for anything that the British weather can throw at us.  Last year was particularly wet for us, but that didn’t deter many of our very hardy members.

Over the years we have visited a lot of places in Norfolk and Suffolk and enjoyed meeting up with like-minded Morris Minor owners within the two counties. We have had visits to the MMOC National Rally where we would take along a big contingent and enjoy the weekend with a barbecue. Along the way we have had tours and tastings at Breweries, tried our hand at furniture making and seeing inside lots of stately homes.

This year sees the 40th Anniversary of the Morris Minor Owners Club and to celebrate this the Club is raising money for Marie Curie with the help of a Morris Minor donated to the Club. The car will be visiting every Branch within the Club (and there are over sixty) and will be with our Branch on 18th September 2016. Our local fund-raiser for Marie Curie will be helping us to raise money at this event to be held in Norwich.

During this year we have lots of events to attend and we start the season off on Drive It Day in April 2016.

Also the Iceni Minors website has been revamped for us and look forward to see how many people will actually take a look at it and seeing more photos of our events on there.

Tricia Loades

Secretary, Iceni Minors

Iceni Minors: Norfolk and Suffolk Branch of the Morris Minor Owners Club

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