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Keeping Our Culture Alive: FIVA Reveals Winners Of The 2020 Culture Awards

Although the pandemic made our lives challenging this year, FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) was determined to find projects, events and personalities that deserve to be promoted and rewarded,” explains Nataša Grom Jerina, president of the FIVA Culture Commission. “I’m now happy to announce the winners of the FIVA Culture Awards 2020, which received a huge number of excellent entries – proving that historic vehicles belong to the present and future, and together we’re keeping our culture alive.

The selection was difficult, with a shortlist of 14 applications from individuals, associations, museums and FIVA professional members. After a month of careful consideration, the Culture Commission chose the following winners: 


Winner: The Rootes Archive Centre Trust. The challenge to store and catalogue material relating to the heritage of the Rootes Group and its successor companies was massive, and fully in alignment with FIVA’s preservation and promotion objectives, as well as providing a major source of reference to enable future generations to keep their vehicles on the road – and provide technical awareness of historic motoring.

You can see a video provided by the award winner here:

Winner: The Rootes Archive Centre Trust


Winner: Alberto Lenz Krahl, who showed exceptional lifetime commitment to the historic vehicle movement in Mexico, including the challenge of helping to create a legal framework and relationships with the Mexican authorities – very much in line with FIVA’s global objectives. He coordinated Mexico’s Guinness World Record for the greatest number of vintage cars simultaneously in motion, and created the ‘Caminos de Ayer’ (Roads of Yesterday), the first Mexican magazine dedicated to vintage automobiles.

Alberto also directs ‘Cultura Integral Forestal’, a foundation that has been in his family for three generations, dedicated to re-forestation in the larger metropolitan area of Mexico City and so far planting more than 60 million trees.

You can see a video provided by the award winner here:

Winner: Alberto Lenz Krahl


Winner: Hubert Haberbusch. Since 1978, Hubert has trained 50 apprentices and young people in the art of mobile heritage restoration and preservation, using FIVA’s Charter of Turin as an ethical guide. “The way to teach a new generation is through the craft, interesting them in the work,” he says. “There are many craftsmen with rare know-how and the main goal is to connect young people who are passionate about mechanics or bodywork or beautiful objects to these masters, who are generally getting older. This is our great challenge.

You can see a video provided by the award winner here:

Winner: Hubert Haberbusch

The entries we received illustrate the amazing potential, amazing projects and amazing people that make this difficult time a source of positive energy for the future,” concludes Nataša Grom Jerina.

FIVA’s full collection of videos can be seen here

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