More new Triumph products from British Motor Heritage Group Company Tex

The latest additions to the ever-increasing Tex range of automotive products for Triumph sports cars are as follows:

TR6 Hard top spares
Triumph TR6 Hard Top Spares

Those in possession of a Triumph TR6 complete with desirable hard top will be pleased to hear that Tex has reintroduced three related replacement parts that have been unavailable for many years. They comprise the left-hand, right-hand and rear finishers, all of which have been sourced in Taiwan and are manufactured in stainless steel to original OEM standards. Tex also holds stocks of the rubber seals for the two quarter lights and rear window, as well as finishers for the rear pillars. All these items are available right now from Triumph specialists nationwide.

TR/GT6 choke cables
Triumph Choke Cables

Twin Cable kits for Triumph TRs and GT6s have also been added to the Tex range. No longer able to obtain them from the original OEM supplier the company decided to source them from Taiwan, and they are available now from Triumph specialists for £75.00 plus VAT. The knobs either carry a choke symbol (Part No.712907) or the word Choke (Part No.725373). While Tex doesn’t stock the knobs as a separate item, they are available from some Triumph specialists. The full range of cables is as follows:

  • 214672 Twin choke cable, carburettor models, TR250, TR6 to CC7500, 712907 knob
  • 214888 Twin choke cable, PI models, TR5, TR6, CP1 onwards, 712907 knob
  • 218301 Twin choke cable, carburettor models, TR6-CC75001 onwards, CF1-CF12500, 725373 knob
  • 219258 Twin choke cable, PI models, CR1 onwards, 712907 knob
  • UKC2121 Stiff wire, carburettor models, TR6, CF12501 onwards, 725373 knob
  • 215502 Twin choke cable, GT6 2 and 3, US models, 712907 knob
TR6 wing fitting kit
Triumph TR6 Wing Fitting Kit

Following the success of Tex’s fitting kit to aid the installation of replacement MGB wings, the company has now produced similar items for the Triumph TR6. There are separate packs for both front and rear wings and two versions of each – one primarily containing ‘fast assemble’ Acme bolts in the original length of 5/8th inch, and one with 3/4-inch long fasteners, which some TR experts believe considerably aids assembly.

Each kit comes complete with a list of contents and graphic instruction sheet, and all four options are available now from Triumph specialists everywhere.

  • HMP822001 Front wing kit, standard 5/8” bolts £10.00 plus VAT
  • HMP822001AJW Front wing kit, longer 3/4” bolts £10.00 plus VAT
  • HMP822002 Rear wing kit, standard 5/8” bolts £10.00 plus VAT
  • HMP822002AJW Rear wing kit, longer 3/4″ bolts £10.00 plus VAT

The Tex line-up of products for classic car owners nowadays ranges from mirrors to lubricants and brake pads to logoed baseball caps.

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