PistonHeads reveals updated classifieds site for quicker, easier and more enjoyable shopping experience at the UK’s leading premium car marketplace

PistonHeads, the UK’s leading premium car marketplace*, has unveiled its new classified search pages, giving users a quicker, easier and more enjoyable shopping experience when buying a used car. The technology upgrades are part of CarGurus’ ongoing investment in the platform following its acquisition of PistonHeads in 2019.

The classified search capabilities have been rebuilt from the ground up to improve and speed up the browsing experience, whether searching via desktop browser or mobile device, to help users find the performance, specialist and classic cars of their dreams on the PistonHeads platform. The improved design has seen more than an 11% uplift in leads to dealers on desktop, supporting the ongoing commitment to give dealers a successful selling experience through PistonHeads.**

Performance-orientated search filters let shoppers filter their search by engine size, aspiration, power, top speed and 0-62mph time, as well as the usual, less-exciting selections including age, mileage and price. Filters can be added and cleared with a single click or tap, meaning there’s no need to go back and forth to change search terms.

As a feature unique to the PistonHeads classified pages, users can also filter for different makes and models in the same search, making it easier to compare adverts for several of their favourite cars at once in the results page. This helps keep the decision-making process as easy as possible, as users can quickly check the availability, locations and prices of all of their shortlisted cars in one search.

As well as a complete visual and layout redesign of the pages, a nut and bolt restoration of the image gallery enables sellers to host larger photographs, with unlimited images for dealers and up to 99 pictures for private sellers. That means buyers can drool over every feature of their dream purchase from the comfort of their own home.

The saved search functionality has also been refined, meaning users can set the frequency of alerts for their Bucket List car listings to as little as an hour from the advert going live. All of this is supported with hundreds of car reviews, buying guides and Best Buy features written by PistonHeads’ team of expert reviewers, to give you inspiration and confidence in finding and buying your next car. 

Pete Dignan, Head of Consumer Engagement from PistonHeads, said; “Since being acquired by CarGurus in 2019, our classifieds have been evolving so fast that we’ve churned out more updates than Lotus has Special Editions. This year promises plenty more updates across the whole PistonHeads site, to make your reading, shopping, and sneaky lunchtime browsing experience better than ever.”

PistonHeads.com was acquired in 2019 by global online automotive marketplace, CarGurus, which was founded by the co-founder of TripAdvisor. PistonHeads.com continues to operate as an independent brand, maintaining the site’s popular forums and editorial content, while applying CarGurus’ technology to enhance the purchasing experience for UK car buyers.

Find more premium and performance cars for sale at www.pistonheads.com

* Based on Comscore’s Automotive – Information/Resources category. Premium car marketplace consists of sites focused on premium cars. Comscore MMX® Multi-Platform, Total Audience, Q4 2021, UK. Custom list defined by CarGurus includes: PistonHeads Sites, Sytner.co.uk, Jardinemotors.co.uk, Stratstone.com, Carandclassic.co.uk, Classicandsportscar.com.

 ** Based on uplift of leads to dealers from a 50/50 AB test running over 23 Dec 2021 to 7 Jan 2022, actual results were +10.69% on desktop and an overall lift across all devices of +3.88%.

*** Based on Comscore’s Automotive – Information/Resources category. Motoring community consists of sites focused on motoring. Comscore MMX® Multi-Platform, Total Audience, Q4 2021, UK. Custom list defined by CarGurus includes: PistonHeads Sites and CarThrottle.com.

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