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Public Liability Insurance for Clubs

One of the most enjoyable parts of running a club, whether it’s a car owners club, fan club or collectors group, is sharing your passion with other enthusiasts. Everyone knows that setting up a club can be stressful, but all those teething problems pale in comparison to the issues that arise if your club has an accident in public.

If your club attends shows, events and conventions around the country, the chances are that you’ve been asked about public liability insurance. Public liability insurance is primarily used to protect members of the public against accidents involving your club’s property – such as accidents that take place at your stand at a car show, or in your club’s tent at a trade show.

Why is it important to have Public Liability Insurance?

Many venues and event organisers will insist that participating clubs are fully protected before they allow you to take part, to ensure you, them and the public are protected against financial loss and legal issues following accidents. It is often the legal responsibility of event organisers to ensure that all attendees are properly insured, and without liability cover your group may find it difficult to find shows and events to attend.

Usually, public liability policies for your group will cover the cost of compensation for personal injuries and loss or damage to the public’s property, as well as covering your club’s legal expenses. With the correct liability insurance, your club can operate at shows across the UK, secure in the knowledge that you’re covered, whatever happens.


What Is Public Liability?

Insurance that covers your club’s interactions with the public
Covers the cost of compensation to the public for:
Personal injury
Loss of property
Damage to property
Covers your legal expenses

Public liability insurance is often provided as part of owners club policies, or insurance for businesses, and for car and bike clubs motor insurers will usually include liability cover for use specifically at car shows.

About Adrian Flux‘s Cover

Insurance broker Adrian Flux, a specialist in classic cars and owners clubs, has been providing public liability insurance for its customers for years. For as little as £110.00 a year, Adrian Flux provides up to £2million liability cover against injury or damage to third parties, and £2,500.00 for risks to club property.

Including cover for stands, tents, merchandise and other club possessions, Adrian Flux insures clubs to attend up to 12 events each year as standard, or even more for larger, more active clubs.


Adrian Flux’s Cover

Public Liability Insurance from Adrian Flux includes:
£2million liability cover
£2,500 cover for damage to club property
Premiums from as low as £110 for 12 shows

To find out more about owners club policies from Adrian Flux, visit or call Craig Darwin on 01553 845585, or call 0800 089 5550 for a quick quote for your club.

Public Liability Insurance for Clubs was originally published in April 2015; Updated July 2020.

Selected Comments

The Italian Auto Moto Club needed PLI because we organize the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival annually (see our website). We had great service from Peter James Insurance and have cover to £5 million. If you hold events on public land you may be asked for indemnity up to £10 million but Bristol Council always have accepted our £5M cover. As said in the article, if you are part of a wider organization, you might be able to ‘piggy back’ your cover on theirs at greatly reduced cost.

Paul Hanmore, Italian Auto Moto Club, 5th June 2015

Here in Northern Ireland it is more difficult getting this as there are not so many brokers/companies operating here. We provide this cover for £10 Million plus cover for loss / damage to Club Trophies etc to all our 25 affiliated Clubs and this is much cheaper than them each having to take out an individual policy.

Trevor Mitchell, The Association of Old Vehicle Clubs in NI Ltd, 6th June 2015

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