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Your Invitation to Join the Specialist Vehicle Association

Your invitation to join the Specialist Vehicle Association, the Trade Association exclusively for Business, Enthusiast Clubs and now Owners in the world of Collectible and Classic cars.

For Traders and Clubs there is no fee to join the SVA for 1 year, then to continue to access all member benefits, its just £99 per annum

For Owners, Collectors & Enthusiasts membership is FREE for life! Simply subscribe to the SVA e-newsletter and that’s it!

Specialist Vehicle Association (SVA)

As a Specialist Vehicle Trade Association Trade member you enjoy a wide range of real benefits to aid your Business or Club to grow faster and increase your ability to be found, just go to our website and click on the ‘Join Now’ link, complete your details and that’s it. As an Owner, Collector or Enthusiast simply register for the SVA e-newsletter and to access all Traders and displayed benefits

There are many benefits to joining the Specialist Vehicle Association in particular exposing your Business or Club to up to 10,000 other businesses and over 1.24 million Owners, Collectors & Enthusiasts in the sector!

As a Business or Club once registered, we will:

  • Provide you FREE OF CHARGE a full web page about you and update your page for free as often as you wish for Enthusiast Members to find you
  • Add your Business/Club name, with full contact details for customers and Enthusiast members to find you
  • Display a logo and links back to your Business/Club website
  • Display a detailed description of your Business/Club to include everything you would like displayed, dont forget to display a benefit or discount you want to give
  • Make immediately available, a range of real benefits to aid your Business/Club be found and grow, including discounts on Classic and Collectible car insurance for Customers/Members
  • Up to 10% discount on Trader cover for Classic sector businesses and retailers
  • Add you to our unique ‘SVA Oracle’ search engine, a portal allowing Owners and Collectors relative to their postcode to find you

Having worked in the past with a number of Highly respected dealers including luminaries such as Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, Mercedes Benz Club, Club Lotus, P&A Woods, Lamborghini, Hexagon Classics, Pagani UK, Paul Stevens Porsche and others, I am available for you or customers to call upon 6 days a week. We are there to offer advice or to look after customers and owners insurance needs..

I trust you will see the benefits to you as a Business, Club, Owner or Collector in joining us, simply log in to the website for more details…


  • Be part of a national body working on your behalf 
  • SVA will help drive customers and members to you 
  • As an Enthusiast Member you will receive our free e-news letter and access a wide range of benefits and discounts as displayed by members
  • Regular e-news letter to members to keep you full informed with news and more
  • Stay Up To Speed on legal matters and legislation affecting the motor industry
  • FREE 2nd year SVA membership for traders buying business insurance from Classic Insurance Services
  • Double the free time with our legal Partner Jonathan Lux to seek advice on any legal matter
  • Sell more and promote your Business/Club through a nationwide network of SVA Enthusiast members
  • Free and Expert advice on Web building, Social Media and Online marketing
  • Personal service for any customer guided to us for advice or insurance, 6 days a week
  • Access to Private Client assistance 24-7 for members or customers buying insurance on valuable cars and collections (Vehicles £250,000+ and Collections £300k+)
  • Dealers and Customers access a range of business & customer lending and funding partners with the SVA
  • Expert advice on Pension & Wealth Management services from St James Place-McKenzie
  • Expose your Business and Club to the up to 10,000 other businesses in our sector
  • Special rates on products and services from our Founder Partners, exclusive to SVA members
  • Member discounts and more on valeting products from ValetPRO for professional and retail use
  • Member discounts and free delivery on Oil & coolant consumables for professional and retail use
  • Exclusive invitations for members to museums, collections, launches and other events during the year
  • Expose your business to up to 380 car clubs, over 300,000 paid up club members and 1.24m owners
  • New in 2020: The SVA will launch its ‘Trader review’ platform 
  • Enthusiast Clubs: We don’t need contracts or demand advertising space before we work with and promote you!


Article Updated: 11th December 2019

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