Zap to the future… EV driving experiences surge ahead of classic cars

New research conducted by has revealed that electric vehicles (EVs) are now zapping ahead of classic favourites in popularity for driving experiences, with three times as many people opting to take to the track in an EV.

Indeed, the experience provider’s booking data has revealed that its Tesla Model S ‘Ludicrous’ P90D Thrill has three times the amount of bookings than the Four British Classic Blast with High Speed Passenger Ride.

The high-performance nature of the Tesla may account for the volume of bookings at in the last year, with the American saloon car accelerating from 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds in ‘ludicrous’ mode. The sheer speed and performance available could be enough to turn the tide in favour of electrification.

Furthermore, the latest figures also point towards a significant uptake of EVs in the UK, with 92,512 Battery electric vehicle (BEV) registrations year-to-date, compared to 54,051 registrations in 2021. This amounts to a 71 percent increase, showing more people are moving towards more sustainable vehicles.*

Dan Jones, operations manager at, commented: “It seems that Brits are gearing up for a transition to all-electric travel in the coming years, with more motorists looking to test the exhilarating Tesla Model S at circuits up and down the country.”

However, the allure of driving classic cars such as an Aston Martin DB5, Caterham Seven or Jaguar E-Type in the ‘Four British Classic Blast’ can often be too much for petrol heads to ignore.

Dan added: “Experiencing the true heritage of motoring with some classic British cars, such as the Aston Martin DB5, will always be an enticing prospect. With the smell of fuel and burning rubber, the interest in this experience isn’t expected to dwindle.”

However, it is highly likely that most of us will own an EV in the future, and driving one on a race track gives motorists the chance to experience EVs, which might persuade them to convert to electric when replacing their current model.”

Visit for a vast selection of EV and classic car experiences.

Furthermore, check out the Tesla Model S ‘Ludicrous’ P90D Thrill page to learn more about driving this high-performance EV, or have a look on the Four British Classic Blast with High Speed Passenger Ride page to learn more about driving some of the most British iconic cars of decades gone by.

* New UK EV and AFV Registrations – SMMT monthly data

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