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A new poll carried out by The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (The Federation) indicates that interest by the British public in historic cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and buses has grown since this audience were last polled in 2016. Then the survey indicated that just over 8 million peopleContinue Reading

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The #GetFredOnThe50 campaign has been launched by Coventry University’s Lanchester Interactive Archive in the hope of getting scientist Frederick Lanchester as the face of the new banknote being designed next year.  The early 20th century engineer created the first all-British four-wheel motor car; held a patent for a flying machineContinue Reading

Do We Need A Club Website Part Two - Flivver Online

Websites developed around an organisation’s need to promote their products and communicate with their customers. The technology is constantly evolving but the basic website requirement is still to provide a ‘shop window‘.  There are several non-website digital options available which can fulfil this function i.e. providing information on the clubContinue Reading

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We are dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of historic vehicles and try to support this endeavour by offering free and low-cost websites to anyone involved in the heritage vehicle movement, whether your interest is automobiles, tractors, stationary engines, traction engines, motorbikes, scooters, steam trains, aeroplanes or boats. The projectContinue Reading

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Flivver Online is part of a project to promote the preservation and enjoyment of historic vehicles. Clubs, Registers and Societies are at the forefront of preserving older vehicles and we would like to see more of them online. Our goal is to help anyone involved in the heritage vehicle movementContinue Reading

Welcome to Flivver Online

Flivver Online websites have been created around the needs of a typical classic car club but are highly adaptable for any club, register, society, event or business within the heritage vehicle movement. We have listed a few of the website features below. Free Website Website includes free hosting and templatesContinue Reading

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This section lists a few websites, resources and links we, and other website owners, have found useful in managing and promoting a website. We do not recommend any particular service – these links are provided for information purposes only. Please do get in touch with us if you would likeContinue Reading