Hagerty looks back at the 2021 UK Bull Market - Did it call it right

In December 2020, Hagerty launched the first Hagerty UK Bull Market List. The Hagerty Valuations Team analysed their extensive data sources, used to power the Hagerty Price Guide, to identify 10 classic and collectable cars that every car enthusiast should keep their eye on during the year ahead. A desireContinue Reading

Hagerty publishes 2022 UK Bull Market - 10 classic and modern-classic cars poised to rise in value

Hagerty has revealed the 10 star cars of its 2022 UK Bull Market list. The annual compilation identifies classic and modern-classic cars which offer a pleasurable driving experience while also predicting which makes and models may appreciate in value. The Hagerty Bull Market is aimed at people who want toContinue Reading

It was Auric Goldfinger in the 1964 James Bond movie who was said to have the Midas touch, but Hagerty has found that just an association with the spy franchise is enough to make car values soar. Our valuation analysts compared the values of real Bond cars which were usedContinue Reading

Hagerty survey reveals confusion over E10 fuel as Government’s car compatibility checker misleads drivers

Hagerty research suggests half of Britain’s drivers don’t know how to check whether their car is compatible with E10 fuel – despite more than three quarters of them being worried that the new unleaded petrol could harm their car or motorcycle. Adding to these concerns, a Government tool designed to helpContinue Reading