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Every car owner can create their own unique QR codes for their vehicles, thanks to the Custodian app’s latest feature. Cumbersome fact sheets and Filofaxes of history are now a thing of the past for owners looking to share their carefully curated car information. Utilising the Custodian App, a uniqueContinue Reading

Coffee & Chrome Collective is Footman James’ latest initiative to nurture and develop a new community for classic enthusiasts, aiming to support and celebrate vintage car and bike lovers across the UK with exciting meets alongside engaging social media and digital content. Launched today, the all-new Coffee & Chrome CollectiveContinue Reading

Alpine has marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Jean Rédélé, with the world premiere of a limited-edition model that celebrates his pioneering legacy and that of the brand he created: the A110 GT J. Rédélé.  The stylish limited-edition was unveiled at the Alpine 100 year celebrationsContinue Reading

Hagerty International announces a new partnership with Castrol Classic Oils, the leading supplier of classic vehicle oils and lubricants. Castrol re-introduced their historic lubricant grades in 1990 under the name of Castrol Classic Oils, using the latest technology and low detergent mineral oils in the appropriate viscosities on which classicContinue Reading

VWCV Classic Vehicles has just finished bringing a unique 60-year-old vehicle back to mint condition: the ‘Half-track Fox’. This T1 was produced in the Hannover plant in May 1962 and then sent off to its purchaser in Austria. After a short period of life as a normal T1, it wasContinue Reading

Custodian, the platform and app built to remove the burden of administration from specialist car owners, has launched new functionality for users, allowing easy and secure sharing of information by vehicle owners. This latest addition to the free-to-use platform applies fresh thinking to an up-till-now overlooked problem area for carContinue Reading