Gumball 3000 and P1 Fuels fill up for a unique sustainability-focused fuel partnership

Gumball 3000 and P1 Fuels fill up for a unique sustainability-focused fuel partnership

Automotive lifestyle brand and entertainment group Gumball 3000 has entered into a sustainability-focused partnership with P1 Fuels. Founder of Gumball 3000 Maximillion Cooper will be leading the way for a sustainable future with Gumball 3000 by using P1 Fuels’ synthetic fuel in his ultra-rare Jaguar XJ220S supercar for the upcoming Gumball 3000 European Tour from Edinburgh to Porto Montenegro, starting on 11th June and concluding on 16th June 2023.

Using the European Tour as an initial trial, Gumball 3000 aims to transition all participants into using this sustainable fuel of the future for all ongoing rallies and events, in what is known to be a world-first case study for events of this type in the global automotive space.

“Gumball 3000 is really looking forward to this partnership with P1 Fuels, and to spearhead the movement to sustainable fuels, so we can continue to hear the beautiful sound of combustion engines whilst moving towards a more sustainable future,” said Maximillion Cooper, Founder of Gumball 3000.

Martin Popilka, CEO at P1 Fuels commented on the partnership and said, “As the global leader in fossil-free fuel, we proudly announce our partnership with Gumball 3000 to supply it 100% fossil-free, drop-in fuels for the upcoming Gumball 3000 European Tour. This achievement represents our commitment to enabling a fossil-free fuel alternative for internal combustion engine vehicles without having to adapt the car.

“By showcasing the use of sustainable fuels in a high-performance and modern supercar context, we aim to inspire a broader conversation within the automotive industry and beyond. Through this collaboration, we harness the influential platform of Gumball 3000 to raise awareness about the importance of transitioning to carbon neutral, synthetic fuels, and its applicable and usable in road going cars. Together, we can drive positive change and create a future where sustainability and the joy of driving converge.”

Lining up in Edinburgh from 10th June, the rally officially starts on 11th June from the Scottish Capital, concluding in Porto Montenegro on 16th June. Enabling the fuelling and supply is P1 Fuels’ UK-based and UK-focused (including Ireland) distributor and supplier who will be formally announced in the coming weeks.

About P1 Fuels
P1 Fuels is the global fossil-free fuel leader in both quality and sustainability. Its aim is to provide a cost-effective replacement for fossil fuels currently used to power the 1.6 billion road cars with internal combustion engines, thus empowering us to reach our climate targets.

Acting as a direct replacement for legacy fossil fuels used in cars and trucks with combustion engines, P1 Fuels is working closely with the world’s leading automotive OEMs, and engine developers, as the global automotive industry moves towards a future of efficiency and sustainability.

As a global innovator in energy-dense fuels and engine technology, P1 Fuels invites you to read more on its website and social media channels.
Headquartered in London, England, the Gumball 3000 Entertainment Group was founded in 1999 by British designer and entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper. Over the past two decades Gumball 3000 has become a global lifestyle brand that activates across the automotive, sports and entertainment industries. 

The annual Gumball 3000 rally is broadcast worldwide to an audience of billions, as well as licensing and retailing merchandise in over 70 countries. Gumball 3000 participants and ambassadors include Lewis Hamilton, French Montana, David Hasselhoff, Tony Hawk, Eve, Afrojack, deadmau5, Idris Elba, Usher & many more. The Gumball 3000 brand was recently valued at over $500M

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