Every car owner can create their own unique QR codes for their vehicles, thanks to the Custodian app’s latest feature. Cumbersome fact sheets and Filofaxes of history are now a thing of the past for owners looking to share their carefully curated car information. Utilising the Custodian App, a uniqueContinue Reading

Custodian, the platform and app built to remove the burden of administration from specialist car owners, has launched new functionality for users, allowing easy and secure sharing of information by vehicle owners. This latest addition to the free-to-use platform applies fresh thinking to an up-till-now overlooked problem area for carContinue Reading

For too long, the joy of classic and specialist car ownership has been tainted by the burden of administration, until now. Custodian has launched a platform and app for car enthusiasts, built to simplify the automotive ownership experience by combining cutting-edge technology with clear thinking. The Custodian platform and progressiveContinue Reading