Hagerty Price Guide

The UK Hagerty Price Guide has undergone it’s 29th update since being launched ten-years ago. Every quarter, Hagerty analysts monitor insured values, sale prices and auction results to gauge market trends and influences. UK Hagerty Price Guide Editor, John Mayhead, shares the headlines. Everyman classics have seen a slight increaseContinue Reading

US-born RADwood was created to celebrate the excess of ’80s and ’90s car lifestyle culture, blending period-correct dress with automotive awesomeness to celebrate cars, trucks, and bikes from 1980-1999. Now Hagerty is bringing RADwood to the UK at Bicester Heritage on Saturday 20th August, providing owners of 80s and 90s carsContinue Reading

Hagerty publishes 2022 UK Bull Market - 10 classic and modern-classic cars poised to rise in value

Hagerty has revealed the 10 star cars of its 2022 UK Bull Market list. The annual compilation identifies classic and modern-classic cars which offer a pleasurable driving experience while also predicting which makes and models may appreciate in value. The Hagerty Bull Market is aimed at people who want toContinue Reading

It was Auric Goldfinger in the 1964 James Bond movie who was said to have the Midas touch, but Hagerty has found that just an association with the spy franchise is enough to make car values soar. Our valuation analysts compared the values of real Bond cars which were usedContinue Reading

Hagerty Price Guide UK Auction Analysis - The first six months of 2021

The Hagerty Price Guide actively tracks market values so owners, as well as buyers and sellers, have an accurate picture of their car’s worth. The latest update to the guide provides a headline market overview of the first 6-months of 2021 and the trends and fluctuations recorded over that time.Continue Reading