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Flivver Online websites have been created around the needs of a typical classic car club but are highly adaptable for any club, register, society, event or business within the heritage vehicle movement. We have listed a few of the website features below.

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Free Website

Website includes free hosting and templates with no hidden charges. We are focussed on helping you manage and promote your website. Upgrades are available for more advanced features.

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Unlimited Pages

You can create as many website pages as you want. We offer unlimited menus and sub-menus. Add as many articles, events and photos to your website as you need to promote your club or business.

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Professional Designs

Get a professional looking website. Our themes are designed with clubs and businesses like yours in mind. Customize your chosen template with different colours, headers and layouts.

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Easy to Use

We provide all the tools you need to manage your website sucessfully. Support includes help articles, emails and video tutorials. You can add additional admins to your site to help spread the load.

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Photo Galleries

We provide unlimited storage for photo, video and files. You can create, edit and show photo galleries. Photos can easily be embedded in articles and pages, which is ideal for adding event reports.

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Search Engines

Your website pages are search engine friendly. We also provide hints and tips about how to improve your search engine rankings to attract potential members and event attendees to your club.

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No Coding Required

You don’t need any specialist knowledge. Everything is easy to use and accessible from your dashboard. All the coding is managed in the background leaving you to concentrate on your club.

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You can store your files and images securely on our high performance servers. The website administrator can add and edit user permission through the website dashboard as well as moderating comments.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our websites. You can contact us by email or by using the contact form.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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