Custodian launches new sharing functionality to revolutionise car enthusiasts’ data transfer

Custodian, the platform and app built to remove the burden of administration from specialist car owners, has launched new functionality for users, allowing easy and secure sharing of information by vehicle owners.

This latest addition to the free-to-use platform applies fresh thinking to an up-till-now overlooked problem area for car owners, dealers, and enthusiasts: the sharing of information on specific vehicles.

Prior to the launch of the sharing function, history, images, or maintenance records had to be scanned and uploaded to a computer before being transferred digitally, or at worst, via hard copy. 

Custodian: allowing easy and secure sharing of information by vehicle owners

Owners or dealers have long tired of making clumsy online transfers of information to share information with fellow enthusiasts and potential buyers. Thanks to Custodian, these irritations are all now consigned to the past. A new era of data sharing has arrived. 

 If information needs to be shared outside of the Custodian app, a secure link can be generated, allowing viewers to access the information without downloading the app.

A second phase of the sharing functionality will go live within weeks, allowing users to set various levels of access to their car’s information. Ingeniously, this second roll out will also allow users to generate a unique QR code for any vehicle on the platform.

Charles Clegg, CEO and Co-Founder of Custodian said, “For too long, sharing details about our cars with other enthusiasts or potential buyers has been a struggle. Uploading endless invoices, history or images to online file shares, or printing information sheets is time consuming and labour intensive. There was no way around it, until we designed our own solution. As users of the app can build a digital history file on their cars as they go, recording all new activities and invoices on the platform, there is no need to repeat this process twice – just generate a link, and it is all instantly available for viewing.”

With the launch of the digital sharing capability on the Custodian platform, users can now share as little or as much about their vehicles as they want to in a secure manner. Better still, it works seamlessly for dealers too, as they can now send a single link as many times as needed, containing whatever information or images they wish to share. If a buyer in a foreign country is wishing to see the maintenance history on a car? No problem, just send a link,” added Clegg.

The features and functionality of the Custodian platform and app continue to be developed in the open, with real-time feedback from the motoring community. This allows the developers to focus on producing the tools that are requested by users, and to solve the most common pain-points experienced by owners. Custodian will continue to take this collaborative approach to the continuous development of new tools, responding to the wishes of its users to apply fresh thinking and technology to age-old issues of vehicle ownership. 

Main Image Caption: Jeremy Hindle, Custodian Co-Founder

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