This section of our website is primarily focussed on researching and recording the history of the Association of Norfolk Vehicle Clubs (ANVC) and the heritage vehicle movement in Norfolk.

We interviewed the Association a few years ago for a website article and felt it was important to retain the history of the project as it forms part of the collective memory of the classic car movement.

The Association’s original aims are outlined below. We fully endorse those aims and hope to follow them through our various projects designed to support the classic car movement.

The ANVC’s overall aim is to provide a collective social link to all vehicle clubs, groups and individuals in the Norfolk area and beyond; to promote club membership for all ages and genders and to ensure the future long term interests of vehicle groups and clubs in general.

Association of Norfolk Vehicle Clubs

With so little information to be found online we rely on people to get in touch to share memories and photographs. Can you help?

Disclaimer: The Association of Norfolk Vehicle Clubs (ANVC) no longer exists as a membership association and we at Flivver Online do not represent that organisation nor its member clubs, many of which still operate in Norfolk. However, we do (with permission) currently possess and manage the association’s logos, domain names and social media accounts which we would be happy to pass along to any successor organisation.

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