British Motor Heritage now offering replacement B-Post assemblies for Triumph TR4/4A/5/250/6 models

Continuing its programme of reinstating products that have become unavailable for one reason or another, British Motor Heritage (BMH) has now invested in new tooling specifically in order to produce B-Post assemblies for Triumph TR models 4, 4A, 5, 250 and 6.

It is an all British programme for which the tooling was carried out in Warwickshire, and where the pressings are also manufactured before being assembled at the BMH plant in Witney, and then treated to an OEM-standard electro-coated paint finish in Northamptonshire.

Right Hand B-Post for Triumph TR4 and TR4A Models
Right Hand B-Post for Triumph TR5, TR250 and TR6 Models

These quality products are available now from Triumph specialists nationwide and priced as follows:

Part No.  ModelPrice
850275TR4/4A LH (minus channel)£145.00 plus VAT
850276 TR4/4A RH (minus channel)£145.00 plus VAT
817412TR5/250/6 LH£135.00 plus VAT
817413TR5/250/6 RH £135.00 plus VAT

Commenting on the new products, BMH’s Managing Director Graham Payne said: “In the last two years we have invested considerable sums of money in the refurbishment of our original BMC/Leyland tooling, some of which is now over 60 years old. In cases such as the Triumph B-Posts, where the original tooling no longer exists, we will consider investing in new hardware whenever there is sufficient demand to create a viable production programme.”

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