Vintage Bentley’s First Win Powered by Synthetic Fuel (Chris Harrison -1st Win)

Vintage Bentley’s First Win Powered by Synthetic Fuel

On Monday 1st May, 21 Vintage Bentleys lined up at the Castle Combe Circuit to fight for the spoils over two 20-minute races.  Both race victories were taken by William Medcalf, founder of Vintage Bentley, in a 3 4 ½ Litre consignment car.  After setting the fastest time of the day in qualifying, Medcalf crossed the line powered by 100% synthetic fuel, closely followed by three of our clients in their respective WOs to take the win.

Following in-depth conversations with P1 Performance Fuel, our chosen partner in this field, the initial mission was to complete a series of tests so we could be confident on both performance and validity.

The results of P1 compared to E5 proved successful across the board; test tube product mixing demonstrated zero change or erosion in comparison, whilst diagnostics from a full rolling road dynamometer test and set up indicated both positive and simultaneous performance to torque and air fuel ratio in addition to power runs.  Furthermore, we delivered our Generations Track Day at the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit powered by synthetic fuel.  This was the perfect synergy of our next generation with a renewable solution for pre-war driving.

Joe Harding: Generations Track Day

At Goodwood’s 80th Members’ Meeting we presented the first three Bentleys to ever compete on synthetic fuel, with all three finishing the Trofeo Nuvolari. Securing the win at Castle Combe with P1, completes our certification this is the future! The result of obtaining all podium positions with Bentleys prepared and maintained by our team at Vintage Bentley highlights the consistency and devotion we have to these pre-war cars.

Our journey with P1 Fuel has allowed us to test, compete and win; we are proud to confirm the team at Vintage Bentley take a first for all three stages as the leading specialist in the marque. 

This marks an important moment in 100 years of Bentley history, proving beyond doubt that we can use the past to write the future.

As a business we are fully inspired and striving to obtain our carbon neutral accreditation which we are fully committed to achieving within the next 18 months.

William Medcalf, Vintage Bentley: What a moment! Claiming first position in any race is exceptional, however, to prove these cars can win powered by synthetic fuel is a game changer.  Creating significant accolades to Bentley history, particularly the pre-war era, is a great privilege and something that our team at VB can be immensely proud of as we lead the way by using the past to write the future. After all, these cars were built to be driven, raced, and rallied – long may it continue in a sustainable way, which we have proved is possible.”

Benjamin Cuyt, P1 Performance Fuel: “Vintage Bentley’s historic victory on P1 Fuels is a testament to their unwavering pursuit of ‘Guts and Glory’. By winning with a pre-war Bentley on a 100% carbon-neutral fuel, they have not only exemplified their engineering prowess but also their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Vintage Bentley has proven that true greatness lies not just in achieving victory but in doing so with integrity and purpose. Their success on the racetrack is a reflection of their enduring legacy as pioneers in the historic automotive industry, and a reminder that when we push the boundaries of what is possible, we can create a better and more sustainable classic car world for generations to come.”

Main Image Caption: Chris Harrison – 1st Win

About Vintage Bentley
As the world’s leading vintage Bentley specialist, we work exclusively on W.O Bentley models from 1922 to 1932 and operate from unrivalled facilities. Our dedicated team of skilled craftsman offer a full range of services in our workshop including preservation, restoration, and event preparation. Our investment in people, equipment and process means we can perform all these services in-house. 

Delivering Bentleys on time and on budget to the world’s toughest events, from 24hour races to the Peking to Paris is what we excel at. 26 years of first-hand experience and major victories across 17 countries and three continents by our founder William Medcalf gives the business unrivalled knowledge and passion for our modest yet strong team of 30. 

Our manufacturing and spares division manages the supply of over 3,000 quality component lines, all specifically designed for Vintage Bentleys. These parts can all be viewed and ordered on our website, alternatively they all feature in our latest 300-page parts catalogue. We also offer bespoke in-house manufacture capability to meet specific requirements. 

Our showroom presents some of the most historic vintage Bentleys for future custodians, all vehicles are supplied with comprehensive ownership history. Peruse our website for current showroom listings or arrange a personal visit to the works and showroom by appointment. Please contact our enthusiastic and experienced team to discuss your requirements.


Vintage Bentley, London Road, Hill Brow, West Sussex, GU33 7NX
Located just 15 miles north of Goodwood.
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