Historic Vehicles back on the Road Slowly and Carefully - Kolkata, Rolls Royces [Photo Credit - Deepanjan Sarkar]

Historic Vehicles back on the Road: Slowly and Carefully

The historic vehicle world is at last coming back to life in some places,” says Tiddo Bresters, president of FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles). “Where Covid is under control, enthusiasts are getting out on the road, expressing the wish that life will steadily return to normal.

In Kolkata (Calcutta), India, the Classic Drivers Club enjoyed “anecdotes, banter and wonderful weather” in January, with owners bringing out such gems as an eye-catching 1930 Auburn 6-85 and two Rolls-Royce Phantom IIIs.

February saw historic motorcycles joining the fun, with the largest historic vehicle event in Kolkata, organised by the 117-year-old AAEI (Automobile Association of Eastern India). Both the Indian events were a treat not just for the owners, but for the passing public as well – especially children, excited by the rare sight of historic vehicles on two wheels and four.

Elsewhere in the world, FIVA held its first event of 2021 in Macau, China, in January, with 52 historic cars and 54 historic motorcycles assembling in the pit lane of the Macau Grand Prix circuit, before parading around the city and driving to Taipa under police escort.

Main Photo Credit – Deepanjan Sarkar [Rolls-Royce Phantom IIIs, Kolkata, India]

Gallery Photo Credits – Two pictures from FIVA events in Macau, China by Automobile General Association Macao-China (AAMC). Four pictures from Kolkata, India, including the orange 1930 Auburn 6-85 and two Rolls-Royce Phantom IIIs by Deepanjan Sarkar.

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